My books’ list is split into three sections: technical, writing and fiction. It just seemed to make sense to do it that way.


This list is generally built around web design, WordPress and typography.


I’m sucked in every time I come across a review of a book about writing. It goes on my Amazon wish list and eventually finds its way here.

Fiction (with some fact thrown in)

A couple of years ago, I dumped every book I could remember reading into Goodreads. Then, after wasting a couple of hours, I decided Goodreads wasn’t for me. I’ve probably read more than a thousand books, so many are missing.

Some of these books, I read back when I was a teenager. More recently, I’ve been drawn to historical fiction, in particular the work of Conn Iggulden and Robyn Young. Another author I’ve seen a lot of lately is John Steinbeck. I read Of Mice and Men when I was in school, then didn’t pick up another of his books till last year. Then I couldn’t stop picking up his books. The Grapes of Wrathe is a masterpiece, but you probably already knew that.

Thanks to Sid O’Neill for sharing the code that makes it possible to produce a sortable read books list from a dropbox text file, just like this one.