How to name files using Textexpander

Textexpander, productivity

This useful Textexpander snippet is courtesy of Michael Schechter, in Naming Files And Avoiding Folders.

Textexpander screenshot

In Textexpander, Schechter uses the following abbreviation:


and pairs it with this plain text snippet:

Blogx – %| – %y-%m-%d

When called, the snippet inserts your keyword and current date, and leaves you with a blinking cursor – in place of ‘Type Your Title Here’ – ready for you to complete your file name:

Blogx – Type Your Title Here – 12-12-28

I bought Textexpander in early 2012. It’s one of a number of apps that I expect to stay with me through 2013 and beyond. My last post of 2012 will complete the line-up.

Schechter’s blog, A Better Mess, is packed with useful workflow tips and other advice, all in the name of Getting Things Done.