Below are some of the services, apps and products that make my life easier when I’m working on the Wordius blog.

Content management

I bought a production licence for Kirby CMS in December 2012. Kirby is an easy-to-use and easy-to-set-up file-based content management system. You can download and test Kirby in a local environment for free, then buy a licence when you’re ready to go into live production. The best bits? Write posts in any Markdown editor and no database required. For a time, I switched to Jekyll, but I returned to Kirby recently because my command line knowledge is limited and I feel much more confident that I am doing things the right way.

Fonts in use

This site uses Abril Text, Lato and Source Code, all served by Typekit.

Icon fonts

Icon fonts offer all manner of uses and benefits, improved site speed and flexibility being chief among them. Initially I had this site set up to use Pictos Server (read more), then I found We Love Icon Fonts. Most icons on this site are from the Fontawesome collection.


I write a lot about applications elsewhere on this site, but these are the ones I find particularly useful when it comes to putting it all together.

Coda 2

Where would I be without Coda 2? Probably a long way from finishing is my guess. Coda brings everything together, marrying your desktop testing environment with production. Primarily a coding tool, Coda also has a built in FTP interface, so you can push fresh code (and, in my case, posts) to your production site by simply dragging and dropping files and folders. I also use Coda to make minor edits to posts and pages.

Coda 2 for Mac is available from the App Store.


All the files for this site are backed up to my Dropbox account. Of course, this also means I can access those files anywhere I can get an internet connection: on my MacBook Pro (using the free app) and, through the Dropbox web interface, on my iPhone/iPad.

Open a free Dropbox account.


I use a lot of different writing apps – it all comes down to context – but I often turn to Bear for Mac when I need to get my head down and concentrate. Its distraction-free writing environment and automatic Markdown syntax highlighting help in this respect. You can read about the other writing apps I use in my best writing apps of 2012 round-up.


This site is hosted by Media Temple. MT boasts a 99.9% uptime and its customer service team has responded quickly – and in plain English – to every query I’ve thrown their way. There haven’t been many, but it’s nice to know.

A couple of years ago I realised buying domains from multiple sources was making my life more difficult. Now I always buy from Namecheap.