The 12 days of Google Reader: Feedbin

The 12 days of Google Reader is a series of posts that explores options for RSS users in a post-Google Reader world. Day four is Feedbin day

When I started researching this post series, the aim was to review each app and service myself. Unfortunately, I have what’s known in financial circles as a one-way bank account – money’s going out, but nothing’s coming in.

So, I’ve had to adapt. A number of paid-only services will not receive full reviews. Instead, I’ll provide links to reviews that will help to inform my final decision on a replacement for Google Reader.

Feedbin is the first of those services. San Francisco-based Ben Dubois’ $2 per month ($20 per year) Feedbin made its way onto my list for a couple of reasons: first, it had a lot of coverage, and people genuinely seemed to think it was a good thing; and, second, I liked the look of the interface, below.

Feedbin screenshot
Feedbin screenshot

The two reviews I keep referring back to in Feedbin’s case are by MacDrifter and MakeUseOf.

MacDrifter has a series of his own going on. In ‘The Feed Reader Reviews: Feedbin’, I think you get a good overall impression of what it’s like to have Feedbin delivering your daily news.

I’m not keen on linking to sites that slap ads bang in the middle of their articles, but a second opinion is usually a good idea. MakeUseOf’s ‘Feedbin: A Google Reader replacement that may be worth $2 per month’ has a lot of good advice. I recommend you check it out.

Feedbin is supported by a number of apps, including Mr Reader for iPad, which I reviewed on Thursday.

Tomorrow: It’s still the weekend, but I will file. Promise.